The new age allows us to dream again

You still have time to chase the rainbow. The real rainbow.

This new digital era that arrived not that long ago made us more open-minded in regards to our insight on how to live our lives. In the past, we were obliged to work as much as needed to supply the needs of our family, it didn’t matter if we loved our job, it was a necessity.

As time passed, it became perfectly normal to have kids in our early to mid-30s, which allowed us to focus more on ourselves and to really chase our dreams, even though we are still in the process of actually doing that. Well…it’s an achievement.

I really believe that it’s an accomplishment to still have dreams. There are too many people that settle and forget about what makes them who they truly are. 

In addition, they know that they feel unhappy and do nothing about it. The feeling of emptiness that follows for a lifetime is such a sad and frustrating image.

In a way, I think it all comes down to our growth process since we are kids to adulthood.

We care so much about being adults: boring, serious and creating responsibilities, that, in the end, we tend to ignore and disregard our inner-child and our creative side.

As kids, there were always those who were great at drawing, painting, writing, sports, whatever. And we were so happy with our own gift.

Why follow the system?

As time passed and we decided what our future would look like: finance, engineering, and marketing took over our brains, killing it slowly until it faded to a complete desert of creativity.

Our process of becoming a machine increases greatly.

We all work like hell to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We work so much that even if we find 1000 pots of gold we wouldn’t even enjoy it.

First of all, we wouldn’t have the time to spend that money on something that we love. Secondly, we would be so tired that resting would be our only desire.

That’s why this whole system is fraudulent. What’s the point? Where’s the happiness in all this scheming of collecting money from work that we hate?

Why would we even want to kill our childish side, our creative side? Why do we give up on our passions?

You can get more out of your life.

It gets to a point where our hobbies are based on new TV shows to binge like crazy, on buying things that we don’t need or getting drunk just to forget what the real world really looks like.

We live in the golden age of opportunities, it’s our duty to chase them, no matter what.

As known, nowadays more and more people rely on digital platforms to make a living out of it. Our world is filled with Youtubers, bloggers and influencers. And they make a lot of money doing what they truly love.

No. I’m not trying to convince you that humanity should follow that path. You can still be an engineer and be happy. You can still work at McDonald’s and be happy. Yet, this new whole world brought us infinite options which make us overthink about everything.

However, this overthinking process actually makes us more vulnerable to feel miserable about ourselves. As such, there’s not a linear line wherein we can follow. These days, every individual has its own line to create, not to follow.

Which, in certain cases, can turn into a fucking maze. Therefore, people are lost and unsatiable. Their ambition, need for greatness and for something different leads them to oblivion.

How many of us are passionate about music, follow YouTubers that review or simply talk about music and yet are afraid to chase that dream? And it’s applicable to anything. It’s fucking hard, it requires a level of patience that not everybody has.

However, humanity doesn’t lack patience in traditional jobs. We’ve been working for decades and decades on shit that we hate and yet we keep grinding and living. In conclusion, I find it amazing this almost paradoxical duality.

There’s nothing wrong with failure. It means you tried…and can try again.

So, with all this in mind, what should we do? As I say all the time, we should do what makes us happy. Yet, there’s a problem, a grey zone. How many of us don’t know what makes us happy? Yes, we all love Netflix, sports, beer and food and all that makes us happy. But, professionally, what do we enjoy? Some born with an utterly deep and passionate dream. Others don’t.

In this specific case, it’s try and error. Try whatever comes up and see if it makes your heart beat. Don’t settle.

It’s you that matters. Not what other people think of you.

Don’t falter over peer pressure, what other people think about us doesn’t matter, at all. However, we live in society, our circle of people shapes us. We live in a competitive world, we all compare to each other.

For instance, our family carries a heavy influence on our lives. Some are almost obliged to follow the footsteps of our family despite not enjoying its path.

Others, like me, tend to go to college and choose a degree 100% decided by our parents. At 18 we know nothing about what we want in the future.

Actually, at 5 years old we are more certain about our dreams and future then we are after high school. It’s almost ridiculous, although true.

In this day and age, we are surrounded by information, fake news, and fake lives.

The world of Instagram makes us jealous of each other, but we don’t share our bad moments, our boring routine. In conclusion, the perfect painted picture is a utopia, so fuck it. Fuck all those fake Instagram lives, fuck all those opinions from people that don’t know shit about your life.

Relax. You still have time. You’ll always have.

At the end of the day, we’re the only ones who know about ourselves, our thoughts at night are our own. Our insecurities, our dreams, our passions. Rely on them. Rely on yourself.

Einstein said that time is relative, right? Yeah, I know, this isn’t science, but it’s socially applicable.

Some people finish college at 21 and start working at 22. Others don’t graduate and become millionaires at 23. Some start a family at 22 and others remain single until they’re 45.

Time is variable. As I said earlier, the straight line that once existed has been erased.

Even if your life feels empty right now, I want you to know that you have time to fill whatever feels hollow inside you. Keep living, keep breathing, everything will be fine.

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