How traveling can inspire you to change your mindset



We all know, traveling is awesome. Even the smallest journey outside our typical route can make us truly happy. We live in an era that traveling and social media stand out, they go hand in hand. We love to take pictures whenever we travel and post it on Instagram, but it’s kinda boring when we take pictures at home or in our city because it’s typical, there’s nothing new. As Barney Stinson once said “New is always better” and how can we disagree?


The mindset behind traveling



Nowadays everybody loves to travel, people are open-minded toward new cultures, they love to discover the unknown, to learn more about every country, globalize even more our world and erase the borders in our mind. I feel like we are evolving in that regard. For example, the boom that happened in Southeast Asia in the last 10 years has been astonishing.

The number of Chinese visitors has quadrupled and here, in Europe, it feels like everyone is planning to travel there in the next few years. Not so long ago, Bali or Thailand felt like an impossible dream and now it became so attainable.

So, basically, people are saving money to travel and that’s amazing. Currently, for us, Europeans, to travel within the continent it gets fairly cheap. From Portugal to Spain or France you can find flights from 50 to 100 euros. Therefore, it’s perfectly possible to travel on a weekend and spend less than it used to be.


What are the issues with this mindset?


On the other side, despite all the good things that come from travel, there’s a huge downside. In other words, this type of mindset can lead to a hollow life most of the time.

For those who live to save money and travel, how is your life when you’re not traveling?

In other words, do you value your daily basis? Do you love your work? Do you love your Mondays? Some people live for the weekends, some even save some money to live for the holidays. Your love for travel can be a huge downfall on your life because you can love it so much that anything besides that can be a huge pain in the ass.

You have two options: 1) live as a nomad, or 2) value your life. It’s not like you have more than one life to live, that we know of, at least. Since the first option isn’t for everybody I guess you should really value your life, right?

For instance, why do you use countdowns? Is it to motivate you to go to work? To handle your week knowing that in 260 days you’ll be one week in Rome? Fuck countdowns. For real, that doesn’t help you. You should be happy during those 260 days and not just the 7 days in Rome. Do you see the disproportion? It’s not worthy.

In some way, I adore people who just live for the simple things, they love the smallest moment in their lives. They’re not dreamers, nor explorers, yet they’re happy. This duality between explorers and “normal” people always intrigued me. Which way creates more happiness (in a scenario where we could measure that)?

I think the way life should be lived lies between those two ideas. The mindset to achieve happiness in the small details and to dream higher than the Burj Khalifa, to explore beyond our tiny little world that fills most of our day.


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