Top 5 Movies That Could Change Your Perspective On Life


I’ve always wanted to be a review/top 10 master. I could watch reviews for hours on Youtube (Chris Stuckmann and Jeremy Jahns are amazing) or read it on blogs, whatever whatever. I won’t be like a normal reviewer in this post, there won’t be any technical remarks about the movies nor I’ll check for plot holes. I’m just interested in digging deep the message behind each of the movies that I picked.

And no. These aren’t movies about mindfulness nor are the topics even in the script. In fact, I chose normal yet amazing movies that we all love (not all, but you get it).

Shall we start then, lads?

5) Before Sunset (2004)



The need to be where we aren’t

I just love this movie. It’s one of my favorites all time. Why? Because it focuses on the simplicity of a conversation, of walking around a city, breathing, living.

We, as humans, tend to overvalue the big moments of our life. A wedding, a summer vacation to Spain, an anniversary. As such, we fail miserably at little moments.

We’re not able to enjoy something that we already did a thousand times, it’s just another moment, another day, it becomes boring. Consequently, our life becomes stale, gloomy, cloudy.

Besides this, we also have a sucky tendency of wanting to be where we aren’t. Therefore, we miss home when we’re far away and we want to be away while at home. It’s a constant unsatiable way of life.


The cruel reality

The third act of this movie compels me the most. Their conversation gets deeper and more personal. The feeling of regret on the characters gets raw and real. It gets perfectly relatable for a lot of people.

As teenagers, our dreams are enormous, almost irrealistic and that what drives us, what gets us going. However, as time goes by, comes college, it starts to get serious.

We feel the pressure of getting a degree in a field that will get us a good job, eventually. The college’s over. Then comes our first job and it’s exciting at first, but life changes.

Our thoughts begin to crumble, our dreams cease to exist, our weekends serve the purpose of resting and in a blink of an eye, Monday kicks us in the nuts again and we feel miserable.

The dreams of traveling around the world become almost unattainable and our life becomes our job.


Why do relationships fail?

As the characters describe their life, the tone of the movie gets darker.

On one hand, she can’t have serious relationships, the commitment scares her, there’s no love like it used to and that frightens her. As a result, a once romantic girl becomes a cynical one.

On the other hand, Jessie married a girl that he doesn’t love anymore. His son is the only positive side in his life.

Both their lives feel miserable and yet both of them are successful in the eyes of society.


There’s always a bright side…

This movie makes you value the little moments, the conversations, the walks, and still gives you a powerful message regarding our way of living.

Do our childish dreams really need to be erased? Is really a necessity to discard all of our irrealistic goals?

Is this the only way of living in today’s world?

What can we do in order to change the script that our society tries to impose on us from the very beginning?


4) Begin Again (2013)


The tale of two people

This movie tells the story of two people that are failing miserably at life. It starts at one night where suicidal thoughts start creeping.

The tone of the movie is dark, tense. The song that intros the movie is called “The step you can’t take back”, in other words, suicide.

On one side, a 40-year old guy that has fallen mighty. A failed marriage, crumbled career, alcoholic addiction and no purpose in life.

Similarly, a young girl, heartbroken, far from home, with her dreams shattered.

As a result, not even hope flows through their mind, just despair, unhappiness.


Dreams do come true

The magic within this movie falls on the positivity side of things when everything goes wrong. Their meeting at the bar changed their whole life. Opportunities are found right around the corner, unexpected events happen.

The upside of hitting rock bottom is that you can only go up from that moment on. With that mindset, both try to achieve something unique.

They challenge everything that seems impossible and have the time of their lives following their own dreams.


Love yourself

In addition, comes into the equation one strong message toward relationships. Greta (played by the amazing Keira Knightley), although completely in love by her ex-boyfriend, came to the conclusion that she loves her more than anyone in this world.

She got over the heartbreak, she valued her life, she didn’t falter over the love for her ex and instead decided to live her life without the need of being loved by anyone but herself.

It’s deep, it’s relatable, it’s not as clichê as it sounds, I promise.

And it’s so beautiful, it makes you feel so good. I must admit: I listen to the soundtrack of this movie every time I take a shower (yes, I shower every day).


3) The Lion King (1994)


Fuck the past

I mean, it’s Lion King. But why here? What’s has to do with mindset? Well, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

This is mainly about the comfort zone. And about Hakuna Matata. And Rafiki.

First things first: comfort zone. Above all, it’s a term that we tend to devalue. Everyone is trying to run away from it.

It gets way too easy, our life stalls, nothing is new and it makes us forget about what our purpose and goals in life are. However, a simple life can actually be a good one. Not everything is black or white. There are more than 50 shades of grey in life. 

Secondly, our fears of failure, our ghosts from the past tend to have control of our own lives. Not moving forward, not even moving sideways.

Consequently, it’s really fucking hard to have the guts to acknowledge the past and keep living with no regrets. This is what this movie teaches us.


Do you know yourself?

In this case, Simba lives a life full of joy and yet full of regrets. It’s the duality and the dilemma of his character that makes the movie so special.

On one hand, his life is basically what we all dream of. An eternal paradise accompanied by our best friends.

No drama, no responsibilities. Yet, one that Simba can’t truly enjoy since his life is basically a fraud. To attain that, he had to leave his family behind.

That’s where Rafiki enters and delivers one of the most amazing quotes ever. “Yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or…learn from it.”.

And besides, he questions Simba on who he really is. And that’s the most important question that one can…question.

Do we even know who we are? Most of us don’t. And it can be a good thing. Some believe that we’ll never know for sure. It’s a journey of a lifetime to discover ourselves.


2) How To Train Your Dragon (2010)


It’s okay to be different…

This one might be a strange one for some. It seems like a normal yet awesome animated movie like many others. I was undecided between this and Wall-E since I consider both marquee movies that enlight some serious problems with society.

“How To Train Your Dragon” focus on a young man that has trouble being like everyone else. It focuses on family drama and the lack of masculinity that supposedly he shows.

Yet, it’s so much more. On my point of view, it solely focuses on the fear of the unknown that humanity in general has and the fear to run away from the rules that society settled for decades.

In this case, Vikings fear dragons. They fight each other forever. Why? Because they fear something that is different, that seems dangerous.


Shit on your fears and see what life becomes

As the story unfolds, the strange kid in the eyes of society becomes the one to break the cycle of war, faces the fear of the unknown and realizes that dragons are like humans. Kind, frightened, vulnerable, sweet and innocent.

We all can relate, right? How many of us fear the risk of taking a risk? How many of us feel miserable and yet keep doing the same shit day in day out? How many of us don’t try something new because we are afraid of failing?

We tend to follow the script that society delivered to us as we came into this world, but the best actors improvise along with the script. The best ones always mark their presence within their own personality. That what makes them special.

Others? Well, they’re are just robots, they live in the Matrix. No personality, no emotions, no happiness, just emptiness.

And that’s what this movie teaches us. We control our own life and it’s never too late to acknowledge what went wrong and pave another path toward a better life.


1) Wall-E (2008)


What are we becoming?

Yep. I did it. I had to. Sorry, dear readers, but Wall-E is probably my favorite movie of all time. The message within the movie is absolutely beautiful.

Yes, it looks like Lady and the Tramp robot-version but it’s so much more.

The way that humanity is described is absolutely on point. The way technology in the last years has controlled our lives is exaggerated in a way but it’s remarkably relatable. 

It makes us think that, even though this tech-evolution is great, has its own risks of degrading humanity as we all know. The singularity of each human being makes every one of us special.

In a satiric and hyperbolic way, humanity lacks personality. Consequently, there are no visible differences between an entire race. And that’s the downside of this tech-revolution: turn us into robots.

Some of us live inside our phone. The surroundings are disregarded, we are not able to enjoy whatever or whoever besides our tech. It feels like the phone got smarter and humanity got dumber, it’s almost ironic. As such, it feels like our best friends nowadays are Netflix and Instagram.

Basically, that’s what this movie shows us in a way.


Yet, we are amazing!

On the other, it romanticizes the idea that the differences are rather acceptable, that we can attain what we truly love if we believe in that idea and we truly try to pursue our dreams.

The contrast between the reality within the society and the romanticism is truly remarkable. It shows us that beauty lies in the simple things. That beyond this grandeur, we still have that innocent kid that is fascinated by the waves crashing in the rocks.

Wall-E represents what we truly are. Above all, and despite getting older, we are still the same kid that we were. Filled with fears and insecurities, our hearts still tender and kind, our dreams still livid in the depths of our mind, our flaws still visible and our love for each other still strong.

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