Why You Shouldn't Feel Bad About Your Life

Does it suck being an adult?

Do you feel pressure on a daily basis? Do you feel stuck on an on-going cycle? Your life as of today doesn’t feel what you dreamed of when you were just a kid filled with irrealistic expectations? We all know that feeling.

There are so many factors that come into the equation of life that even Einstein would have trouble solving it (as he did). I feel like even the world’s most successful people can relate to those questions.

In one way, ordinary people probably feel that their life would be way more amazing than it actually is. On the other, successful and famous people thought that it would feel way better to be on top of the world.

It’s human nature to feel incomplete. As kids, we couldn’t have that sort of perspective that’s why we feel so nostalgic toward our childhood. But, there’s so much magic as we grow old. Yes, it’s not Hogwarts, but even that was chaotic. Ask Harry Potter if he wouldn’t prefer to live an ordinary life like us.

It’s important to check your perspective.

Darwin taught us about evolution, about natural selection. It all comes down to who has the ability to adapt to new challenges, to the new phases that life presents us.

There are still rainbows as we grow old, life’s still awesome, you just have to adapt your perspective.

As kids we didn’t have peer pressure, we could walk naked on the beach, we didn’t have the need to chase after girls/boys nor to worry about being alone.

Admit it, you could be locked in your own bedroom playing with toys (well…women still do it…in a different way…), drawing dragons (still love you Drogon!) or just jump on the bed for hours. Now, it doesn’t work quite like that.

Your urgency to see people, to be outside, to do stuff socially is constant. Unless there’s a new season of Stranger Things to binge like crazy. Ok, yes, Netflix can trap us at home, you’re right. We can still spend 6 hours at home watching it. Probably you’re hungover, but whatever.

What options do you have?

  • Or adapt like Darwin taught us and stop feeling nostalgic and sad regarding your adulthood;
  • Or just keep being a kid and don’t take stuff too seriously;

I truly think that the best approach lies between these two ideas. Fuse them together and it will work like magic.

Being an adult is still pretty awesome!

Adapt to adulthood, enjoy what it has to offer and keep your childhood soul within. Adults are boring because they totally disregard their inner child. Adult conversations are boring. The spectrum ranges from how tough and hard life is to small and useless talk.

We all know that life can get tough. We all know that you’re tired, but if that’s your only subject then you’re fucked. You’ll be tired all your life. Even on weekends, holidays, whatever. Get your head out of your ass. There are 7 billion people on Earth, you are so lucky. Focus on that.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

I love people that still have that juvenile side, that still jokes about stupid things, that doesn’t care about what adults are supposed to do. They’re not immature, they just have fun and value life. You’re never too old to do something. Break some rules, get a little crazy.

Ways to enhance your mindset

Now, let’s focus on expectations and frustrations.

  1. You didn’t expect your life to be so stall, so boring. Your routine kills your mood and makes you want to sleep all weekend or get drunk just to forget about real life;
  2. You don’t know what to do to change that. Theoretically, you have a normal life, you have a job, you’re independent, you’re successful. But, you don’t feel like that. You feel lost and restless;

On the bright side, it all depends on you. There are no outside factors, it’s basically all inside your mind and it depends solely on your mindset toward your problems.

On the other, well…it’s not that easy. To control your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. It’s a long term process and a hard path to walk on.

We’re all lucky!

First of all, check your perspective on life. You need to perceive the idea that your entire life is already a miracle.

Yes, blah blah blah, we’re all stardust, we’re as important as a grain of sand in all our dear planet. And Earth is even more insignificant in the scale of the universe. So, why the fuck are we even complaining?

That’s the million-dollar question. But we can’t even contemplate that idea. We can’t even contemplate what happens in our own world. Chaotic events such as famine, wars, and total despair. So, what I ask of you is impossible, I know. But at least you can think of it…right?

3 Ways to actually change it

1) Hold yourself accountable

One characteristic that leads to a lack of fulfillment is the inability to hold yourself responsible. The most successful people can look in the mirror and instantly realize what’s wrong with them, that leads to failure, eventually.

In most cases, people just justify their procrastination, their lack of attitude and passive demeanor due to external factors, it’s never their fault. In some cases is their absurd unjustifiable arrogance, in others is just the easy way out to an imaginative comfort zone.

2) Set up your goals

Why is it important?

  • It gives you motivation;
  • Increases your concentration and focus;
  • Organizes your mind in a way that boosts your productivity;

The importance of setting your goals lies in your short and long-term ambitions.

You should organize it toward a more efficient way. How? Well, you should order your priorities. The most difficult and demanding tasks are normally the most important, so take care of those first. This small step will improve greatly your productivity and even your mindset.

A daily planner is always a good idea. It will guide you like a lighthouse and the feeling of being lost will disappear. I advise you to take care of that before you go to sleep every night. Make it a routine, consistency is the main key to success.

3) Discover yourself

Now, this doesn’t work at all if you’re still confused about yourself. If you are still unsure about what path to follow, about what makes your blood boil and your true passions.

On a more realistic approach: you don’t need to compare your life to others, you just need to check what you love and don’t in your life.

Invariably, successful people take a lot of time to discover themselves, to know what they truly enjoy, what they’re good at, what they need to do to reach their goals.

In life, most of us go through motions, don’t take time to process, to think about the limitless paths that could be in our way. We all hope that a straight line will lead us into success, and most of the time it doesn’t happen.

Even successful people go backward, go sideways, start from scratch, reach a dead end. It happens, but they try endlessly until the path they take guides them willingly to the sunset.



  • Spend more time alone, list what you love and what would make you happy in the long-term, dismiss other people’s opinions and focus solely on you;
  • Set your daily-goals, plan your priorities and consistently follow them. It will improve greatly your levels of motivation and focus;
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously, enjoy life as a kid, while not disregarding your responsibilities as an adult. Mix both ideas!
  • Make yourself accountable for your procrastination and follow your guidelines (you still can spend some time “Netflixing”).

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