3 Ways On How To Stop Overthinking

As time goes by and as opportunities keep surging from everywhere, our mind keeps getting more and more complicated, which leads to the question “how to stop overthinking?”. We began as ordinary and simple creatures and evolved to reach this level of unnecessary complexity. If our body worked as much as our brain we would probably all be bodybuilders.

As of today, it feels like any decision we make lacks certainty, which causes a spiral of insecurities revolving around everything. The display of globalization that arrived in this century and the digital world that creates an infinite plot of gold mines, makes us overthink.

The unbearable burden of social media, of living an enticing life worth sharing. As a result, our mundane routine that once was acceptable and immutable now became a curse that no one loves.

How to stop overthinking, you may ask?

Well, there are some steps you can take to evolve your brain to slow down all the process of overthinking.

1 – Social Media’s Anti-Virus

Do you share content that isn’t exciting? No. No one does. That doesn’t mean that our lives are always exciting, we just choose to hide the boring stuff, to reveal a utopian side. We live in the era of fake news, of fakes lives and fake relationships.

So, why would that make you think about your life negatively?

Above all, you should install an “anti-virus” for social media. Ignore other people’s lives. Rather, just simply stop spending too much time on it. If it impacts your life negatively, you should stop it.

Seems like social media can become a disease, a curse and an addiction that leads you to an overthinking cycle.

Therefore, whether you install the “anti-virus” or just stop giving that much importance to something that turns your life upside down. 

In order to know how to stop overthinking you must erase all the stuff that makes you spiraling downward.

2 – Try and Error

The best theory out there to fulfill and erase all possible future regrets is to try and error until you reach a level of happiness that erases your overthinking.

At 18 you don’t know what to do. Consequently, if you don’t try it out on a variety of fields, you’ll feel miserable and regretful at 30, 40, 50 and so on.

In contrast, some people just know what path to take. Most importantly, insist on that as if your life depends on it. Actually, it depends. At least, one worth living.

But, if not: don’t settle on a job you hate, on something you don’t truly love. Life is too short and valuable for you to spend time on something that sucks your soul out. 

Due to the fact that we are working for about 66% of our adulthood you should like it, at least.

The peer pressure of choosing a degree/job that is acceptable and recommendable by society makes us feel sorrowful. Similarly, makes us overthink on how to stop overthinking, even.

Therefore, you’ll have to overcome what’s supposedly imposed on us and live in society from the outlying. Above all, you’re your own priority. And you’ll always be.

3 – Get to know yourself

One of the biggest problems with overthinking is the fact that most of us don’t know who we truly are. We lock ourselves in a social world wherein our priority is to get to know other people instead of prioritizing our own discovery.

As a result, we tend to measure ourselves to what we know about everyone else. Hence, we are molded by those standards and traits.

In the end, we are copycats who lost our own unique personality. As time goes by, what we were as children totally disappears, we find ourselves in limbo. We lack perspective and behave as dead fish that goes with the flow.

This step on how to stop overthinking is almost paradoxical. Why? Well, it requires you to spend time alone, which, obviously, results in a whirlwind of anxiety.

In order to overcome that process you’ll have to test yourself. You need to obtain a level of comfort and happiness in your lone time. 

Furthermore, you should aim toward being alone for certain periods of time. 

Above all, you should stop chasing the need to be with someone. 

That’s how it works with happy people.

Your focus should always be to get to know yourself day by day. Most noteworthy, prioritize your passions, character, guilty pleasures. Above all, “you”.

The hardship of following these steps will lead you to an enormous boost in self-love and it will make you stop overthinking

In conclusion, these steps aren’t easy to follow nor to attain in the short-term, yet if you take it as a daily and long-term project it will blossom in a beautiful life and you’ll stop overthinking.

TL;DR for those 3 ways to know how to stop overthinking:

  • Control the social media side of your life, don’t get devoured by other people’s lives;
  • Don’t get stuck at what society imposes, try whatever field you might like and if it goes wrong, don’t worry, try again;
  • Spend time with yourself, try to master your own personality and disconnect from the outer world until you reach a level of comfort that will make you happy and certain of the path that you want to pave;

You have the power to control what’s in your mind. Everything will be alright!

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